TAQUERIA TSUNAMI 70 SOUTH PARK SQUARE, MARIETTA, 30060 678-324-7491 TAQUERIATSUNAMI.COM After seeing my blog, my friend suggested Taqueria Tsunami for my second review. Taqueria Tsunami combines flavors of Asian and Latin food into one, creating delicious tacos, salads, and “tsunami bowls”. Located in the heart of Marietta square, this restaurant is a community favorite. They also have several other locations around the city. I had never been here before, and after reviewing the menu, I was beyond excited to give it a try. ATMOSPHERE: The atmosphere in Taqueria Tsunami is warm and inviting. The layout of the restaurant is rectangular (narrow and long), and painted with a comforting beige color and highlighted with a bright green which gives the space life. I enjoyed the vibrant lighting, along with the natural light that comes in from the glass wall entrance. The space is simple, yet makes you feel completely welcomed. The crowd was extremely diverse. There was everyone from college students, to entire families with newborn babies. You could tell this is a neighborhood favorite for everyone. I thoroughly enjoyed the vibe inside of Taqueria Tsunami.

Note: I apologize for the lack of pictures capturing the inside of the restaurant. It was very busy and I did not want to intrude on people's meals. I am still getting used to openly taking pictures. Next blog, I will include more! SERVICE: The service at Taqueria Tsunami was excellent. The staff told us the initial wait was 10-15 minutes, but we ended up getting seated in less than 5 minutes. The staff brought water right away and was prompt with taking our order. All of the staff were smiling and extremely friendly. One thing I look for in staff is a positive attitude, and all of the staff possessed that here. The food came out relatively quickly (within 10 minutes). We were checked on several times throughout the service to see if we needed anything and if everything was up to par. The staff was also alert on refilling our waters when needed. Lastly, the manager checked on us when we had finished our meal to see how we had enjoyed the food. Overall, I do not have a single complaint on the service at Taqueria Tsunami. FOOD: As stated before, the food at Taqueria Tsunami is a fusion of Latin and Asian flavors. I decided to go with the Tsunami Trio which includes two tacos of your choice and one side item. I went with the shrimp tempura taco and the rich man’s taco and for my side I chose the tater tots with jalapeno queso dip. The shrimp tempura taco was delicious! The shrimp was fried to golden perfection with a light fluffy tempura crust on it. The real highlight of this taco was the Asian slaw. It was extremely flavorful with bright citrus flavors which helped cut through the fried shrimp. The flavors were very balanced and I completely loved this taco! The rich man’s taco had juicy marinated beef filet topped with pico de gallo and queso fresco. The beef was succulent and very flavorful. The marinade was a sweet soy based Asian sauce and very delicious! The pico de gallo was very fresh and flavorful as well. This taco was a bit messy because of the juiciness of the beef, but was well worth it! I also loved the tater tots. They were crispy and fried perfectly. The jalapeno queso dip was AMAZING! It was gooey, thick, and full of warm cheesy flavor heaven with a spicy kick from the jalapeno pieces. You could put this stuff in an IV directly into my arm, it was addicting!

My plate: tater tots with jalapeno queso dip, rich man's taco, and shrimp tempura taco.

Shrimp tempura taco

Rich man's taco

My friend ordered the BBQ short rib taco and the aloha taco along with the tsunami salad. He enjoyed both of them very much. Both were cooked properly and extremely flavorful. There was a bit too much spicy mayo on the aloha taco for his preference making it a bit too saucy.

When I looked up the menu online before I went, I saw one thing on the menu that made this restaurant a must do: S’MORE eggroll. For all of you that know me, you know how I feel about s’mores. It is the best dessert of all time. I consider myself a s’more expert/connoisseur/addict/ all of the above. I have a s’more maker at home. It is that serious. So needless to say, my inner fat girl was dancing inside when I ordered the s’more egg rolls. They were everything I had hoped for. Gooey chocolate and warm melted marshmallow filled the inside of a fried wonton wrapper, and was topped with cinnamon and sugar. How could that ever be bad? It was delicious in every way and if I could, I would have ordered eight more. The only critique I have about this dish is I would have preferred it without the cinnamon sprinkled on top. It changed the classic taste profile of the s’more and made it feel some-what like a churro. I think this was on purpose due to the Latin influence of the restaurant. But I prefer my s’mores the classic way, so WHEN I go back and order this eight more times, I will simply ask them to hold the cinnamon, and maybe instead put crumbled graham crackers on top instead.

S'more eggroll. It was delicious!

PRICE: Taqueria Tsunami is very affordable. The Tsunami trio was around $8-9 and the s’more eggroll was about $5. The final bill for two people was $22. For the quality of the food, freshness of the ingredients, and intensity of flavor, you simply cannot beat that! FINAL GRADE: Based on all of the following criteria discussed above I give Taqueria Tsunami an A. The atmosphere was warm and inviting, the staff had a positive attitude, were extremely prompt, and helped us with everything we needed. The food was of the highest quality and extremely fresh and flavorful. And lastly… they had S’MORES! I would highly recommend Taqueria Tsunami to everyone and I definitely plan on returning very soon!

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