ANOTHER BROKEN EGG CAFE 2355 PEACHTREE RD NE, ATLANTA, 30305 404-254-0219 ANOTHERBROKENEGG.COM One of my friends who follows my blogging journey suggested my next stop be at his part-time job, Another Broken Egg Cafe in Buckhead. They also have several other locations around the Atlanta area. Another Broken Egg Cafe serves mostly classic breakfast dishes, but with a Louisiana Cajun inspired twist. They also have a lunch menu featuring sandwiches and burgers if you are not in the breakfast mood, along with a full bar! I was beyond excited to check them out on a busy Sunday afternoon.

ATMOSPHERE: Located in a rather large strip mall in Buckhead, the atmosphere in Another Broken Egg Cafe is very warm and inviting. The glass wall entrance invites plenty of natural light and sunshine in, and creates a comfortable homey feel to the place. The rich orange walls and the dark chocolate wooden floor create a southern charm sort of feel. The tables were spaced adequately apart allowing an intimate feel for each table to experience. In the back of the restaurant they also have a private room for larger parties which is a plus. Another Broken Egg Cafe also has a full bar which many people decide to sit at and enjoy their meal there. I really enjoyed the vibe inside of Another Broken Egg Cafe. It made me feel like I was having brunch at my aunt's house in the summer time down in Louisiana. Talk about Southern Charm!

SERVICE: The service at Another Broken Egg Cafe was impressive. We were seated relatively quickly for how busy it was, and were asked for our drink orders right away. Our server was knowledgeable about the menu, and checked on us throughout the service. He also had a great attitude, and made recommendations on items to try from the menu. Our food came out within 15 minutes of ordering which was also relatively quickly. Overall, the staff was friendly and attentive. FOOD: Our server highly suggested we try the biscuit beignets, so we started with those. Coming from the North, I had never had beignets. The best way to describe them is a cross between a funnel cake and a biscuit, with a gooey center. They are served with a honey marmalade, but since I am not a fan of honey I just opted to try them plain, and man were they delicious! These little balls of soft, pillowy dough were a little slice of heaven in my mouth. They were covered in powdered sugar and literally melted away as soon as they touched your tongue. If you have never had beignets, or even if you are a beignet connoisseur, I recommend you start your meal off with these little bites of heaven.


I knew I was in the mood for a good hearty omelet and when I saw the Floridian, I knew it was the one for me. This Floridian is a cream cheese filled omelet topped with garlic, sautéed crab meat, monterey jack cheese, and green onions. How bad could that be?! I also decided to give Another Broken Egg Cafe the biscuit test. Every time I go to a restaurant that specializes in breakfast, I try their biscuit, because at the end of the day, the biscuit is what really counts, right!? If your biscuit is no good, then you are no good! My first bite of the Floridian was a burst of flavor in my mouth! The heat from the omelet had melted the cream cheese into a warm gooey spread, and with large chunks of fresh garlic seasoned crab meat incorporated in it, it was rich and decedent. The green onion sprinkled on top cut through the richness of the omelet giving it perfect balance. The only thing I would recommend was a little more salt and pepper needed to be added on top to bring out a bit more flavor of the egg itself. Now, for the biscuit. First, the butter was served to us soft and room temperature. There is nothing worse than trying to spread cold hard butter onto a soft biscuit, so that was a minor detail that I really appreciated. The biscuit was fluffy, light, flakey, and had that rich buttery flavor you can only get from a authentic home-made biscuit. It definitely passed the biscuit test in every aspect and I would have liked to take a dozen to go! You MUST get the biscuit when you go here!

Floridian omelet with the house-made biscuit

I also decided to try the Mediterranean potatoes: fresh cut potato wedges seasoned with garlic oil, hot sauce, fresh herbs, and feta cheese. Can you say yum?! These were so rich with buttery garlic flavor, and the fresh herbs brightened up the entire dish. The hot sauce definitely added a spicy kick to them as well! If you are a fan of intensely flavorful food with a spicy punch, you have got to try these!

The Mediterranean Potatoes

Next, was the chorizo sausage. I imagined it being served as a link, but Another Broken Egg Cafe surprised me and served it as more of a ground sausage, which I did not mind. With an intense smokey flavor and deep red color from the dried red peppers, this sausage was moist, bold, and packed immense flavor. All chorizo lovers, this is a must try! The only minor issue I had, was it was a bit too salty for my liking.


Lastly, coming from the North, and living in the South for about 6 years now, I have been trying to convince myself to like grits. Every time I try grits, I just don't seem to understand them. They don't really have a distinct flavor to me and just seem to be bland. So I continued my mission to convince myself to like grits, and ordered the cheese grits from the menu. Coming to the table, they looked delicious! The rich, bright, melted cheddar cheese smothered on top of the grits made me want to dive in. With a little salt and pepper added to them, they were probably the best grits I have tried to far in the South. They were creamy and had a great consistency. I can't say I am fully a grits believer yet, but with these, hopefully I will soon be on my way!

Cheese grits

My friend ordered the classic eggs benedict with ham, and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Classic eggs benedict with ham and house potatoes

Overall the food here was extremely flavorful, fresh, and delicious! PRICE: The price at Another Broken Egg Cafe was very reasonable, and comparable to most other breakfast restaurants. Most entrees are $10-15 with sides being $2-5. With such high quality of ingredients, this is a good steal for a delicious and extremely filling breakfast! FINAL GRADE: Based on all of the following criteria discussed above I give Another Broken Egg Cafe an A-. The food was delicious and extremely flavorful. I thoroughly enjoyed the creative Cajun twists applied to the classic breakfast dishes. The atmosphere was warm and made you feel at home, and the servers were attentive and friendly. With a little tweaking of the seasonings (salt and pepper to be exact) on some of the dishes, Another Broken Egg Cafe would almost be perfect! I highly recommend you check this spot out on any afternoon of the week for fresh food that will leave you completely satisfied!

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