ROCK N' TACO 3247 ROSWELL RD NE, ATLANTA, 30305 404-841-1048 ROCKNTACOATL.COM Located in the heart of Buckhead on the corner of Roswell and E. Andrews Rd, Rock N’ Taco is the next spot on The Hungry Lens train! Rock N’ Taco takes a funky twist on the traditional Tex-Mex cuisine by adding unique tacos that you don’t typically see. And who doesn’t like tacos?! On a beautiful 70 degree sunny Sunday afternoon, there was no better place to go than the rooftop patio of Rock N’ Taco.

ATMOSPHERE: The atmosphere of Rock N’ Taco is now #1 for The Hungry Lens because of two words: ROOFTOP PATIO. Overlooking the heart of Buckhead, Rock N’ Taco’s rooftop patio is unbeatable. The tables and chairs are a high-top metal design and very comfortable. There was music playing lightly in the background, accented by the flat screen TVs behind the bar. The sun was shining, it was a perfect 70 degrees, and I felt like life couldn’t get any better. It may be because Atlanta has been frozen for the past 3 months, but the atmosphere just felt GOOD. Summer is coming Atlanta!!!!

The view from the rooftop patio

The view from the rooftop patio.

SERVICE: The service at Rock N’ Taco was an overall good experience. We were greeted and seated right away and got the perfect table on the rooftop patio. The server was slammed upstairs (he had about 15 tables to himself) but still managed to take our order in a timely manner and have a pleasant attitude. They even discounted our parking fee on our bill which was very nice of them. When the manager heard I was a food blogger he came over and introduced himself and was very friendly. Overall, I have no complaints about the service at Rock N’ Taco. FOOD: Of course at a Tex-Mex restaurant you HAVE to start with the chips and queso and this is exactly what I did. The chips came out piping hot still sizzling from the fryer. They were the perfect golden color and extremely crispy. You could tell these things were fresh! The queso dip was warm, gooey, and cheesy. I almost finished the entire bowl by myself. It is a very simple appetizer, but why mess with it if it isn’t broken?!

The menu at Rock N’ Taco is very diverse with unique dishes like roasted garlic fries and ceviche, but they also had classics like quesadillas and carne asada. I was so tempted to try their vanilla ice cream nachos but I was being good that day. I decided to stick with the taco menu since that is what they specialize in. Narrowing down my choices to three tacos was very hard. I wanted to try all of them! There are so many unique ones like roasted lamb and the Mediterranean. I highly suggest you go check out the menu, it will definitely motivate you to check out Rock N’ Taco. After contemplating, and going back and forth, I finally narrowed down my choices to The Crabby, The Cluck, and The Duck Confit.

The Crabby. The Cluck. The Duck Confit.

The first taco I tried was the Crabby taco. The Crabby taco is a pan seared lump crab cake topped with purple haze slaw, lettuce, and chipotle remoulade. This was by far my favorite taco out of all my choices. The crab meat was so fresh, flavorful and sweet. The slaw added a fresh crisp acidity to cut through the crab and the chipotle remoulade was so creamy and rich with a spicy kick to top it all off. This taco was so delicious!

The Crabby taco.

Next, I had the Cluck taco – buttermilk fried chicken, melted queso, lettuce, and roasted tomato chutney. The chicken was fried to perfection with a crispy skin and tender, juicy inside. The gooey, warm queso on top made for an awesome flavor combination. The acidic tomato chutney was a great accent to cut through all of that richness. This taco was very good. The only thing I would suggest would be adding a bit more salt to the chicken to really bring out its flavor.

The Cluck taco.

Lastly, I had the Duck Confit taco – roasted then shredded duck, coleslaw, walnuts, lettuce, cranberries, and garlic butter. The duck was very tender and flavorful. I am not a big fan of nuts so I took the walnuts off of my taco, but the sweet accent of the cranberries complimented the meaty duck rather well. My only complaint about this was the duck was a bit dry. Maybe adding more garlic butter would help, but overall I recommend this taco for people wanting to try something out of the ordinary.

The Duck Confit taco.

Overall, the food at Rock N’ Taco was flavorful and fresh. I would definitely come back to try some more of their awesome creative tacos.

PRICE: The price at Rock N’ Taco is very reasonable. Most entrees are around $10 and tacos range from $3-4 each. I split the queso and chips with my friend and had 3 tacos and my bill came to just under $14. For the quality of the ingredients this is a rather good deal! FINAL GRADE: Based on all of the following criteria discussed above I give Rock N’ Taco a B+. The rooftop patio is unbeatable, the prices are affordable, and the service is good. With a bit of tweaking to some of the tacos, Rock N’ Taco would knock it out of the park. I highly suggest you check out Rock N’ Taco on a sunny afternoon and enjoy some of their refreshing cocktails and awesome tacos!

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