AMEER'S MEDITERRANEAN GRILL 2168 BRIARCLIFF RD NE, ATLANTA, 30329 404-982-0666 AMEERSMEDITERRANEAN.COM The next stop on The Hungry Lens will take you deep into the flavors of the Mediterranean! If you have never had Mediterranean food or are a lover of it, this blog is for you! Located on the corner of Briarcliff and La Vista Rd, Ameer’s Mediterranean Grill is tucked away in a small strip mall and would easily be passed by without taking notice. I have gone here several times before and have never been disappointed so I knew it would be perfect for my next entry.

ATMOSPHERE: The atmosphere in Ameer’s is very simplistic. The space is very open, spacious, and extremely clean which I really enjoyed. The area is broken into two rooms – one room is just for extra tables for overflow of dinners to sit in, and the main room is where you approach the counter and place your order. I do think the atmosphere could be better inside of Ameer’s. When I think of the Mediterranean, I think of rich bright colors and the beautiful crisp blue sea. I would love to see Ameer’s use some of this influence to enhance their décor. They have such beautiful natural lighting coming in through the all-glass front. I can imagine a beautiful hand painted mural on the walls that would add so much ambiance of the place.

SERVICE: The service at Ameer’s is more of a self-serve style. You approach the counter and are handed menus and then give them your order. They then hand you cups and you go get your drink from the machine. They will then bring your food to your table when it is ready. They make sure to inform you of special deals they are offering and answer all questions regarding the menu. Our food came out within 15 minutes of ordering. FOOD: The food at Ameer’s is very diverse and offers many classic Mediterranean dishes like kabobs, falafel and tabouli. They also offer many of their classic dishes in sandwich form which is also a plus. Looking at the menu, I could not make up my mind on one item to get. I decided to get the lunch sampler #2 which includes a chicken kabob, lamb and beef shawarma, Lebanese salad, hummus, falafel, basmati rice, and pita bread. It is A LOT of food!

Lunch special #2

So much food!

The chicken kabob was delicious! The big chunks of marinated and grilled chicken was so flavorful and juicy! Usually I am not a big fan of white meat because it tends to be dry and flavorless, but this was the opposite. It was succulent and the Mediterranean seasonings were the perfect touch! Shawarma is roasted meat usually cooked on a revolving spit and shaved for serving on sandwiches. The beef and lamb shawarma did not disappoint. It was also moist and full of flavor. The marinade was extremely flavorful and the meat was very tender. It practically melted in your mouth.

Beef and lamb shawarma

Next. Comes the Lebanese salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, green and red bell peppers, onions, parsley, herbs, spices, olive oil, and lemon juice). I absolutely loved this salad! All of the vegetables were crisp and extremely fresh. All of the flavors came together beautifully and the lemon juice added a nice acidic kick. It was a great to have a nice, light, flavorful salad to go to between the rich bites of meat and rice.

Lebanese salad. So refreshing!

The hummus was great as well. I found myself dipping everything from the chicken to the rice in it. I am usually not a fan of falafel. I find them dry and flavorless but these were so good! It was truly the best falafel I have ever had! The flavor of the chickpeas and the seasonings shined through in this little fried golden ball of perfection. I could have eaten a dozen of these things!


By far, the best thing on the plate was the basmati rice. I have no clue how they seasoned it but it was AMAZING. The chef adds a variety of secret seasonings but he did tell me he adds a hint of cinnamon which gives this rice a sweet end note that makes me go crazy! This rice is to DIE for! I would eat this every single day and never complain. Lastly, the pita bread. Of course the pita bread was soft, fluffy, hot perfection. It was a great to tear up and scoop the rice and meats in. It is a necessity to bring all of the flavors together in one big bite. I also loved the tzatziki sauce that came with the plate. I ended up pouring it over everything on the plate. It added a nice fresh kick!

PRICE: The price at Ameer’s is unbeatable. My entire lunch platter with a drink was $14. It was SO MUCH food! I had to take a to-go box. For the quality of the food and the amount you get, Ameer’s is seriously a steal! FINAL GRADE: Based on all of the following criteria discussed above I give Ameer’s Mediterranean Grill an A-. The atmosphere could have been better and I see so much potential, but the food blew me away! It was so fresh and flavorful and the #1 reason why Ameer’s is so great. Next time you are craving some amazing kabobs, falafel, and rice, go to Ameer’s! You will not be disappointed!

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