I try to cover a wide variety of foods on The Hungry Lens, and when brainstorming I discovered I had not yet covered Cajun cuisine. And with my mom coming into town for the weekend who is a New Orleans veteran (she travels to NOLA every year to volunteer for Habitat For Humanity) I knew Front Page News would be the perfect spot for the next Hungry Lens blog.


Located in the heart of Midtown (and a second location in Little Five Points), Front Page News specializes in Cajun cuisine inspired by the culture of New Orleans. It was a beautiful weekday afternoon when my mother and I went and we opted to sit on the patio. First off, the patio is HUGE with dozens of tables surrounded a beautiful water fountain. The large trees provide spots of shade for guests who want to enjoy the outside city but do not want to pass out (this Georgia heat is no joke!). The inside portion of the restaurant features an open floor plan which leads directly out to the patio and features a rather large bar with New Orleans décor scattered throughout. I absolutely loved how open the floor plan was and how freeing it felt. The ceiling is made out of glass tiles which lets in a ton of natural light and illuminates the room. Front Page News is definitely in my top 3 spots for the best atmosphere.


The entire staff at Front Page News was extremely friendly. Our server Alex approached us with a smile and did an amazing job at providing us with everything we needed (such as modifications to drinks off of the menu, questions regarding dishes, etc.). He was very knowledgeable, professional, and had a great attitude. The service at Front Page News was outstanding.


The food at Front Page News is inspired by the flavors of New Orleans and the Cajun flavors of the city. The menu is so diverse and features so many unique and creative dishes it was hard for me to narrow down my picks. For our first appetizer we opted for the crab cakes. When the plate came to the table I was surprised at how big the crab cakes were. When I took my first bite I was in crab cake heaven. The flavor of fresh lump crab meat seared to perfection along with the creamy remoulade sauce that ended with a spicy kick was the perfect balance of flavor. Front Page News is not stingy with the crab meat either. I could hardly tell what was binding the meat together because of how much crab meat the cake consisted of. These were probably the best crab cakes I have had in a very long time.

Living in the south for six years now, it is almost a sin that I had never tried fried green tomatoes. When I saw them on the menu I figured it was about time to try them. Since this was my first time trying them, I really had nothing to compare them to but the closest thing that came to mind was it reminded me of a firm mozzarella stick minus the cheese. The tomatoes were fried and topped with a roasted red pepper sauce which tasted like marinara sauce. There was nothing particularly wrong with them, I just wasn’t amazed by them like I thought I would be. I’m not sure if this is how all fried green tomatoes taste and if it’s a personal preference (like my lack of enjoyment of grits) or these were just lacking. Maybe with a bit more seasoning, it would make this dish more of a winner.

I’m a sucker for a good sandwich so I knew I had to try their oyster and shrimp po’ boy as my entrée accompanied by their greens. First of all, this sandwich was STUFFED to the max with freshly fried oysters and shrimp. The amount of seafood they give you in itself is impressive. The first bite was a magical balance. The flavor of lightly battered, crispy, fried to perfection shrimp and oysters immediately hit me along with the creamy kick of the creole mayo. This creole mayo was so good, I wanted an IV of it directly implanted into my arm. The shrimp and oysters were so fresh and flavorfully sweet. And we all know the bread of a po’ boy can make or break the sandwich and this bread did not let me down. It was light and fluffy, but strong enough to hold the sandwich together. The bite from the lettuce and tomato balanced everything out to make a beautiful and delicious sandwich. This was hands down the BEST po’ boy sandwich I have EVER had. The greens were also very flavorful with the salty essence of the pork from being braised in bacon.

My mother tried the jambalaya for her entrée and she was not disappointed. She let me try a few bites and boy was it good. The huge chunks of spicy andouille sausage, robust chicken, thick rice, and fresh shrimp made this dish so flavorful and rich. You can tell Front Page News uses their own unique mix of spices to season this bad boy, and man, it was delicious.


The price at Front Page News is very reasonable for the amount and quality of food you receive. Most appetizers range from $5-$10 and entrees range from $10-$20. You are sure to have leftovers too. With a few cocktails, two appetizers, and two entrees our bill came to around $80. This is a steal if you ask me compared to dining out (including drinks) at other places in Atlanta.


Based on all of the following criteria discussed above I give Front Page News a solid A. The atmosphere was so pleasant and let you enjoy the wonderful weather of Atlanta along with the city environment. The service was great, prices were reasonable, and the food was even more amazing. If you love fresh seafood and the flavors of New Orleans, you have got to check out Front Page News right away!

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